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Season of Preparation

We are to know, to understand, to discern the times and seasons which we are in (1 Chronicles 12:23) 


We believe it's vital to function in the gift of discernment, so in our small groups, we are seeking to understand what is going on in the Spirit realm.  What is the truth and what is camouflaged by the media and our Government.


Teaching weekly at present through this website

The War Room

No Prayer, No Power. Without God we can do nothing. Praying is agreeing and declaring the Word of God in any given situation. It is partnering with the Holy Spirit to bring about His will and purposes.


We have been given the keys to bind and loose on earth as it is in Heaven (Matthew 18:18) But are we exercising our God-given authority?


Thursday 1.30pm weekly -Remnant House 108 Rippingale Road Hanmer Springs

Release Ministries

Let's face it we all face issues in our lives, sometimes it related to curses, soul ties, or generational sins (Luke 4:18 & Isaiah 53). Because of Jesus's death and resurrection, every one of us can be set free from bondages, sins, habits and sickness.


Release ministries commenced in the 80s bringing freedom and liberty through Jesus Christ to thousands.

Contact us for ministry at a time suitable to yourself

Word and Worship

Worship brings the presence of God. We don't just want visitation, we want habitation. One thing we do is spend time worshipping Him in each of our ministries (In Spirit and in Truth John 4:24) Along with Spirit-led preaching and ministry.

Every 10am WORSHIP n WORD services with Children's Church, Live Feed and He Brews at Remnant House 108 Rippingale Road Hanmer Springs.

Sound the Alarm Joel 2:1

For most, COVID rocked our world causing us to do things we have come to be unnecessary. It highlights the hour we are in. What the Bible calls the “End Times” or “Last Days”. There is an urgency arising within His true Church to prepare and declare His truth. We at Remnant want to help you prepare for what’s about to be fulfilled prophetically.

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