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Our ministries

Equipping the Saint's for the work of minisrty

Small Group Ministry

Small group ministry is what we call the strength of the Church. It's where His people can relate to others, worship together, prayer in unity, learn His truths and allow the Holy Spirit to minister to each individual 

Prayer Ministry

How many of us know we are learning to walk in faith? We certainly aren't there it's the same with prayer, we are learning how to pray more effectively. Declaring and decreeing His Word is something that we are seeing results through.

Release Ministry

This ministry started out in a small retreat back in the late 70s when God came and set the captives free. Over many years we have seen thousands set free, delivered, healed and chains broken, in Jesus Name. 

Koinonia Ministry

Viv has always felt she wanted to have her own Bed and Breakfast. In 2019 we started Koinonia The name in the Greek (quote what’s in script) ……God together.
This began in our home. Although we no longer advertise through an agency, Remnant House welcome Christians to stay over with us (we have 6 bedrooms) for whatever folk can afford.

Connecting with Ministries

Connection is essential so we are including ministries that you can click on to get valuable resources and teaching. Personally, our groups have been impacted by the ministries who incidentally are from New Zealand, Australia, and the United States. Let us know if you know of other ministries that we could promote through this site.


Any of our resources can be used in part or full. The majority of them have been used in small groups or preaching. We are adding new material regularly so check us out for more uncompromising relevant teaching. The only thing we ask is that inform your group where the material came from as we do with ours.


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